Infuse Your Life with FLAVOR


The Infuse Your Life bottle has a fruit infuser basket so you can flavor your water with a refreshing hint of your favorite fruit. The combinations are endless!

Infusion not only makes you enjoy the taste of water much more, but also looks attractive and reminds of it self so you don’t forget to hydrate. So it’s a candy for both – your pallet and your eye with the added bonus of zero sugar calories!

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 Infuse Your Life with ENERGY

It’s no secret that water is vital to a human body, yet we still need to remind ourselves to hydrate. And if you are not the one to be reminded then you are probably on this page looking for ways to convince someone dear to you that they will be happier, healthier and more attractive if they drink more water.

Drinking water helps to energise your muscles, lose weight, maintain glowing skin, shiny hair and overall health. It helps to prevent headaches and keep the mood up.

In addition, fruit infused water enhances this effect dramatically as the nutrients and antioxidants in the fruit are delivered to your body much more efficiently though water.

Infuse Your Life for THE FUTURE

Just think! If you drink 2 liters of water per day on average, that’s 180 liters in one summer, or 360 standard water bottles you’re not sticking in the landfill. Pretty remarkable how much difference one person could make if he was to choose wisely.

The body of Infuse Your Life bottle is made with Eastman Tritan™ plastic and a stainless steel support, your bottle was built to endure many seasons to come.

The caps have been made from recycle plastics and the packaging from recycled untreated paper.

We ask you – since you’ve already made this informed choice to own a personal water bottle – to keep the cycle going! Please recycle further, who knows what new product will take shape after you’ve enjoyed the life out of your bottle.

Infuse Your Life for OTHERS

Did you know that the person you love next you is made of 60% water? Did you know that their heart consists of 73% water? The person you don’t know yet, a child, an adult, en elderly – they are as well. In this we are all the same. Yet we do not have the same access to the basic human right to clean drinking water.

Darfur people have to walk many miles every single day to collect every drop. Children are often the ones to collect the water. Infuse Your Life helps to raise funds to provide handpumps – and to repair existing ones that stand unusable in the desert.

This socially conscious bottle was designed to raise awareness and funds for the global water crisis. So when proudly using it you have contributed to a higher cause. We thank you and wish you long and pleasant use!

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